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Beauty Crush: Emma Watson's Winged-Out Look

beauty news August 20, 2012

From the frizzy curls of yester-year to today's pixie cut, we'll always love Emma Watson. This time, however, we're focusing on eyes - not hair. Spotted on the cover of New York Times T Style magazine, Emma looks oh-so-mod in winged eyeliner. Her perfect brows, touch of blush and diamond studs play-up the simple yet stunning cover.  To get her coveted look, we've picked our favourite products and beauty tips below. Just remember to style it like Emma and pair your piercing gaze with neutral make-up and pulled back hair.

Take Flight with ShopStyle's Winged Liner Tips and Tricks

1. Go for gel, cream or liquid. While pencil eyeliner is great for the everyday, the stronger pigments and long lasting hold of eyeliners such as Urban Decay's liquid liner (£14) or Bobbi Brown's gel one (£17) are better suited for this look. Unlike pencil, try not to blink for 10 seconds after applying liner to allow the colour to set. You don't want to mess up all your hard work!

2. Use a thin brush to naturally follow the inner corner of your eyes outwards. With a slanted brush, it becomes much easier to create a slight flick at the end. After a lot of practice (like some of the ShopStyle team), using a brush and gel liner becomes second nature. We recommend Estee Lauder's brush (£17) for the firm bristles and slanted edge, but a liquid liner tip can create a similar effect.

3. If using a liquid liner, draw out the first line as close to your lash line as humanly possible. When you've created the flick, connect the end back to your eye with a little stroke. Fill in the space with small strokes of of liquid liner. Because liquid liner tips tend to be very thin, you can afford to be more precise.

4. Nervous about the cat-eye? If you're more comfortable with pencil, start out by lightly sketching the look with pencil. Once you've got the pencil draft symmetric, use it as a guide to follow up with gel, cream or liquid.

5. The harder you press, the thicker the line. If you're going for Emma Watson's bold wings, try pressing a little harder. If you're going for a more muted cat-eye, light strokes can create a similar effect.

6. Keep cotton buds, make-up remover, mirror and business card handy. Creating the perfect winged look takes time and practice, therefore a cotton bud and make-up remover can quickly and precisely remove any mistakes. If your elbow is on the table to keep your hand steady, but you're still having trouble? Don't worry. Use a business card to help trace the line and always remember to check the symmetry in a mirror. 

7. If you can't get the wings just right or want to up the ante for a night out, try Eye Rock Designer Liner (£7). We've never tried them, but they could be an easy and affordable solution to your make-up woes!

Love this look? What are your favourite cat-eye tips?

Photo from JustJared

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