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Win a 10 day Shopping Spree at Achica worth £5,000

Lifestyle News August 29, 2012

While we've been checking out this luxury lifestyle store this entire summer for kitchen tips and solutions to decorating dilemmas, we're particularly excited to hop on over to Achica today. With products from La Cafetiere and Sheridan Bed Linen going on sale and an exclusive promotion on Joujou charms this Friday, there's lots not to be missed. As part of their Summer of Inspiration, ShopStyle has picked out the hottest fashion trends for this season with exclusive styling tips. We just loved the Gold Classic French Press from La Cafeteria, so much so that we designed an entire collection around it and this elegant J.Mendel dress (£1,269). The leather accent, flattering drape and sumptous plum colour is perfect for this Autumn. To find out how we styled it and a little lifestyle fun, check out Achica today.

You can even win a 10 day £5000 Shopping Spree by sharing what inspires you here, whether it is your kitchen essentials (perhaps a French Press?), an Olympic Athlete or a family member you admire. Don't miss out!

posted by 8/30/12

I inspire myself.

posted by 8/30/12

60's Mod fashion

posted by Edward Baughan 8/30/12

The paralympic opening ceremony

posted by li young 8/30/12

inspiration also comes from within - try and let us inspire each other

posted by 8/30/12

Kate Middleton because of her style

posted by Neha MIttal 8/30/12


posted by ruth harper 8/30/12


posted by Isabelle Smith 8/30/12

harajuku style

posted by 8/30/12

What inspires me the most is my daughter. She's coming up to 3 years old and was diagnosed last year with severe learning disabilities, autism and sensory problems. In spite of this she's the happiest child I know. She cannot communicate which must be so frustrating for her but she doesn't let it hold her back, she's so full of life and so happy, when I'm having a bad day just looking at her cheers me up and makes me think that if she can be happy with all the problems she will face in her life then I can certainly be happy ! X

posted by Petia T 8/30/12

My friends inspire me :)

posted by 8/30/12

I'm inspired by people who give their all

posted by stedd 8/30/12

My sister - it doesn't matter what life throws at her she never gives up

posted by 8/30/12

My nan inspires me, if I can achieve half as much as she has in her lifetime or be as wise and full of life at 100 I will be very happy!

posted by Nisha Koya 8/30/12

I am inspired by my parents to make me a better person

posted by Dawn Morgan 8/30/12

Beauty comes from the inside BEFORE it shows on the OUTSIDE. Its once you learn this value in life that that you start to learn the value yourself, others and things around you.

posted by Amelia Kennedy 8/30/12

My brother inspires me ... he's fighting to get his life back after a severe stroke, and is doing so well.

posted by vicky carter 8/30/12

my family inspires me, especially my mum for overcoming so much!

posted by Michaela Turner 8/30/12

I am inspired by anyone who has managed to make something out of their lives and achieved their dreams

posted by Richard Alan Tassinari 8/30/12

All things I want but cannot afford inspire me, to better myself so i can have them.

posted by 8/30/12

I inspire myself to stay happy and confident

posted by gail richards 8/30/12

my husband inspires me he is my best friend he always makes me proud x

posted by Angie Allen 8/30/12

I am inspired by my parents to made me the person i am.

posted by Nikki Smith 8/30/12

My kids inspire me.... when one of them tells me I'm pretty it inspires me to put on my make up and wear something nice, when my garden overwhelms me I weed it because they want to play in it and grow their own veg, and when my house is a mess I tidy it and keep it looking good because THEY deserve a wonderful place to live.

posted by 8/30/12

My Wife, she is my best friend, carer and inspiration

posted by janie h 8/30/12

I'm inspired by the Miami style art deco

posted by Tracy Nixon 8/30/12

Paraolympians - just wished they could have shown these great people compete on the BBC!

posted by maureen findley 8/30/12

i am inspired by my mother

posted by Suzanne Cooke 8/30/12

The athletes of the paralympics inspire me, there sense of achievement and proudness is amazing.

posted by 8/30/12

I find inspiration everywhere. I find it in textiles, the colours of nature, in feeling the kick of my unborn baby, in my son's laughter (even if it stems from someone else's misfortune), in hearing the door open and my husband come home...all these little things inspire me to make life better, to be kind, to try new challenges, every day.

posted by Louise Comb 8/30/12

My greatest inspiration in life is music. It lifts me when I'm down, it pushes me forward when I'm flagging, it calms me when I'm angry and, perhaps best of all, when I can't find the words that sufficiently express how much I love someone, the right song does it for me :)

posted by Neil Molyneux 8/30/12

Just looking out the window and seeing it's a nice new day

posted by Sam Cresswell 8/30/12

Winston Churchill and his many speeches inspire me in most of what I do: "Success is not final, failure is not fatal, it is the courage to continue that counts." and "What is the use of living, if it be not to strive for noble causes and to make this muddled world a better place for those who will live in it after we are gone?"

posted by Claire t 8/30/12

My children inspire me with their enthusiasm for life and always looking on the bright side, my daughter said to me when I was complaining about the weather and how you could never do anything outside 'we could always jump about in the puddles'

posted by HALEY rEDSHAW 8/30/12

My daughter try to keep up with the latest trends!

posted by Christine Quinn 8/31/12

I have been dieting and have gone down a couple of sizes, This has really inspired me to go clothes shopping for a brand new wardrobe!

posted by Elisabeth Barnwell 9/01/12

The Paralympics i have just watched swimmers with no arms and double amputee's running just amazing

posted by David Partridge 9/02/12

all the Paralympians, theyre all brilliant

posted by Yevgeny Ivanov 9/02/12

I am inspired by the writer of Psalm 119 in the Bible

posted by adrian trevelyan 9/05/12

a sunny autumn morning in cornwall.

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