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YourStyle: Annabel Wedge and Nicola Clifton

July 10, 2012

Nicola and Annabel have been friends since secondary school. Nicola recently left her position working on the trading floor at an investment bank to pursue her dream of setting up her own events company with Annabel. Both are well travelled, big party girls and have ploughed their experience into creating thier own club night called 'Friday Thirteenth Club', which is a celebration of fabulous women and fabulous fashion.

Where did the idea for Friday Thirteenth Club come from?
The idea for Friday Thirteenth Club came about because we felt there is a distinct lack of female influence and presence behind a lot of the parties and club nights currently taking place in London. It is all so catered for what men want and so male orientated and dominated. Well, not at Friday Thirteenth Club.

How is fashion incorporated into Friday Thirteenth Club?
We see our business as a celebration of fabulous women and what better way to bring fabulous and successful women together? At a fantastic party, our party, where women's needs are catered for before the men's. We encourage women to dress beautifully as though they are strutting peacocks mesmerising the men ensuring that we have control over, by enchanting them with clothes, costumes and make-up! Dressing-up is fun and a huge part of the experience of Friday Thirteenth Club.

'The Dolls' of Friday Thirteenth Club are the main fashion focal point and dress differently to match the different themes at different venues for each party so as not to lose the element of surprise and that wow factor. Our first party held in London had a burlesque feel,  vintage fabrics, feathers, pearls, show girls.

How would you describe your daily style?
Both us are keen shoppers at Sandro, Cos, Reiss, Michael Kors, Topshop and we both adore Kurt Geiger shoes. Nicola loves to scour vintage shops for one off pieces whereas I dress more classic in that respect. Our current day bags are Kate Spade and Nicola sports a stunning Prada day bag. A mix of both designer and high street!

What will be the theme for your next club night?
We will be celebrating the next Friday Thirteenth Club night in 10 days time in Majorca at Makassar Bar and Lounge in Puerto Pollensa so there will be a holiday feel! And then back in london in November for our biggest party yet. Keep an eye on our Facebook page for all details! Shop the girls previous burlesque party look below.

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